What is Plastic Injection Mold? - A Glimpse into our working process

A step-by-step introduction of how we do plastic injection process so that you will no longer be unfamiliar with it.

Plastic Injection Mold Manufacture

Recent Update: 2024/07/09

Plastic Injection Mold, which means injecting plastic raw materials into molds to shape the products to complete the product. It is an efficient and widely used process for manufacturing plastic products.

So, what is the process of Plastic Injection Molding?

▶ First Step: Install the Mold

Before we start the Plastic Injection Molding process, we will have to install the mold on the machine first. During the install process, we need to ensure that the mold and the holes shot by the machine are completely matched to avoid the mold being unstable and causing the material to eject.

This is a very important step, which might take around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Install the mold
▲ Install the Mold

Install the mold
▲ Set up the Mold

▶ Step Two: Clean the Mold

Generally, after we complete the product production, we will maintain the mold with maintenance oil. So, we will need to remove the oil and other impurities after we install the mold to ensure that the mold is dry and clean.


▶ Step Three: Flushing the Pipeline

The requirements of color and material are quite different by each customer, as a result, we will have to flush the pipeline before we start the production, in order to prevent the different colors and materials from interacting with each other.

We will need around 5 to 10 minutes for this process, sometime it might take even longer, such as when encountering white color, it might take us 30 minutes or even longer.

After we clean the original material from the pipeline, we will need to cool down the machine, and then we can add the next colored material after the temperature drops.


▲ Flushing the Pipeline

▶ Step Four: Adjust Machine Parameters Value

When everything gets ready, we are about to start the product injection. But in fact, it is not possible to succeed as soon as the machine is turned on. It is necessary to adjust the injection-related parameter values, and this is a very important step.

The machine parameters include inject speed, inject pressure, inject duration, etc, which affect the appearance and quality of the product. Professional Plastic Injection Molding technician will make judgments and adjustments through the injection results to find the best parameters for each product based on his/her experience.

The duration of this process is about 10-30 minutes, but it depends on the difficulty and how much detail the product requires, sometimes it may take longer.

▶ Step Five: Bulk Production Starts

When the parameters has all set, we are about to start the bulk product production.

The initially injected products will be handed over to the quality control team for confirmation, and the QC team will carefully confirm the appearance, color, touch, etc. of the product. After passing the inspection, we will begin the mass production and completed before the delivery date required. During the process, the QC team will conduct random inspections at any time to ensure and maintain the quality of the products.


▶ Final Step: Uninstall and Maintain the Mold

After finishing the mass production, we will uninstall and start cleaning the mold. While completed, we will maintain the mold with maintenance oil to prevent the mold from rusting and extend the life of the mold.

▲ Clean and Maintain the Mold  

▲ Uninstall the Mold  

▶ Conclusion

This will be all of our working process of plastic injection molding products. You will find that although there are not many steps before product production, each one requires careful attention and precision. It's precisely because we approach each step with dedication and ensure meticulous execution that we are able to deliver beautiful products to our customers.

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▲ Plastic Injection Machines


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We hope that this information can help you understand injection molding better!
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