BroadPlast is a professional one-stop ODM/OEM manufacturer catering to all your plastic product needs. We specialize in various plastic accessories, with Kayak Accessories and Backpack Accessories being our main products.

Within our product categories, we offer a diverse range of items. We primarily provide Kayak and Backpack-Related Accessories, utilizing materials such as POM, Nylon, PP, and PVC, chosen based on the product's intended use and performance requirements.
For Kayak and Boat activities, our product range includes Kayak Handles, Waterproof Drain Plugs, Hooks, various sizes and styles of Deck Line Guides, Anchor Cleats, Fine Line Cleats, Deck Hatches, Bungee Hooks, Kayak Pad Eyes, Terminal Ends, 30 Degree or 90 Degree Fishing Rod Holders, Bimini Tops and so on. Additionally, we provide Paddle Accessories such as Paddle Drip rings, various Paddle Clips, and Plastic Rings.
Expanding beyond, our product range also encompasses backpack accessories, such as Plastic Buckles, Hooks, D-rings, Loops and Rings, Ladder Locks, Cord Locks, and more. With a wide array of products and styles, we are confident in meeting your backpack accessory needs.