30 Degree Flush Mount Rod Holder Cap Cover Gasket



Description 30-degree Rod holder cap cover gasket
SizeFit 30 degree fishing rod holder (KA1 & KA2)

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    Product details

    Rod Holder Cap Cover Gasket, features integral flip-up cap and soft black lip, ensuring that water or debris will not enter the Rod inside. It fits snugly over the cap cover of your holder, providing you a watertight seal.

    KA20 30 Degree Flush Mount Rod Holder Cap Cover Gasket is designed for our 30 Degree Rod Holders, such as KA1 30 Degree Flush Mount Rod Holder - Sealed Bottom and KA2 30 Degree Flush Mount Rod Holder - Hollow Bottom.

    Made of PVC soft rubber, which is durable and sturdy, so it can be used for a long time. Because it is small in size and light in weight, making the Cap Cover Gasket can easily be taken with you.

    You can use M6 or #1/4" Screws to secure the product well on your kayak/boat. Kindly choose the right Rod Holder Cap Cover Gasket that suits the size or style you need for your kayak or boat.
    *Instructions and mounting hardware are not included.

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    Product No.
    L(mm)W(mm) Screw Hole Size(mm)
    KA20 177.1093.80 6.26

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