Shock Cord Hook


Description Cord Hook
Material POM

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    Product details

    BP-121C Shock Cord Hook often connects with bungee cords, and is primarily used to secure and fasten items together. 

    Made of plastic POM,typically resistant to rust and corrosion, making them suitable for outdoor use. And the design is simple and easy to install. For installation steps with bungee cord, please refer to: How to connect bungee rope to Terminal End?

    This product can be combined with the 5/16 inch(8mm) bungee cords to form KE5 Bungee Hook Leash(Thick Rope), which secures gear such as paddles, fishing rods, or other equipment to a kayak, canoe, or boat to prevent them from getting lost overboard.

    *Instructions and mounting hardware are not included.

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    Product No.
    Size(mm) L(mm)
    T(mm) Hole Size(mm)
    BP-121C 8mm


    17.84 Φ8.76

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