Fishing Rod Tube with Stand-Off


DescriptionFishing Rod Tube with Stand-Off
SizeL: 296mm  D:49mm 

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    Product details

    Rod Holders keep your fishing rods organized and out of the way while in the kayak or boat, allowing you to have more than one rod ready to go at a moment's notice.
    Aside from fishing rods, you can use the rod holders for a net, flag/light pole, camera pole, or other pole products you would like to place in. Use on console for fishing rods storage, or on deck edge for fishing.

    KA5 Fishing Rod Tube with Stand-Off features stand-offs, providing additional clearance to keep a certain distance from your boat and also allowing you to securely mount it on various surfaces such as boats or kayaks.

    Made from PP plastic, ensuring long-lasting durability. Single slotted holder designed to lock-in most fishing rods.
    Length is about 29.6, width is 59.51, and height is about 5.6 in cm. Screw holes are 6 inch far from screw center.

    Kindly choose the right Rod Holder that suits the size or style you need for your kayak or boat.
    *Instructions and mounting hardware are not included.

    Recommend Fasteners for Rod Holders:

    *Kindly choose the right length of the fasteners based on kayak material or nut-sert.

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    Product No. L(mm)W(mm)H(mm)Screw Hole Spacing(mm) Screw Hole Size(mm)
    KA5 294.8059.5156.0157.0 6.08

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