Nylon Cord Hook



DescriptionKayak cord hook
Size1/4", 5/16"

    This combination does not exist.

    Product details

    Introducing KB3, the Nylon Cord Hook for Kayak Canoe Bungee Rope Shock Cord Clip. This versatile and durable product is designed to securely attach your bungee cord or shock cord to your kayak or canoe, providing a reliable anchor point for your gear.

    Constructed with high-quality nylon material, KB3 is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and ensure long-lasting performance. Its innovative design allows for easy attachment and detachment, making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to quickly and easily secure their gear while on the water.

    Whether you're an avid kayaker or occasional canoe enthusiast, KB3 is an essential addition to your gear collection. Its reliable performance and ease of use make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to simplify their on-the-water experience and maximize their enjoyment.

    Don't let a lack of secure anchor points hold you back from enjoying your kayaking or canoeing adventure – choose KB3 for the ultimate in convenience, reliability, and performance.

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