How to Dye the Plastic Resin Materials?

Introducing the process step-by-step of dying the plastic material, and you will know what we will do before we produce colored products.


Dye Resin Material Manufacture

There are many reasons that you may want your product colored, such as match the brand color. make to make the overall product look more consistent, or simply think that black is too boring, etc., these all can be the reasons for choosing colored products. Before making colored products, we need to dye the materials.

So, how do we carry out this step with plastic materials?

▶ Step 1: Decide on color and materials

For each product, we will evaluate and recommend the most suitable material based on the customer's usage, demand, quantity, budget and requirements for the product. And if the customer has specified materials, we can skip this step.

In terms of material selection, the most common options are: POM, PP, TPR, Nylon and ABS. We will assist you determine most suitable material for you through professional evaluation. As for the color, we will ask customers to provide the color code. The most common one is Pantone code, and RAL color number is also acceptable.

▲ Choosing color (Image from Freepik)

Once the required materials and colors are determined, we will have our professional colorant supplier to produce the colorant, they will using a machine for color matching. The advantage of using a machine is that it is more accurate and precise than manual coloring.

When everything is ready, it’s time for us to proceed to the next step.

▶ Step 2: Dye the Material

Once all the materials are ready, we can start dying the resin material!

At the beginning, we will need to pour the resin material into the mixing  barrel.

pour resin material

▲ Pour the resin material

-Add the dispersing oil

 After pouring the materials evenly into the mixing barrel, and then add an appropriate amount of dispersing oil. The main purpose of adding dispersing oil is to help the material be colored easily, ensuring that the colorant adheres tightly to the material and preventing issues where the colorant and material fail to blend properly.

Add the dispersing oil

▲ Add the dispersing oil

-Add the colorant

Add the colorant into the mixing barrel.

Add the colorant

▲ Add the colorant

-Start to stir

After adding the colorant, we are able to stir the material. 

Mixing all the things through the mixing barrel, letting dispersing oil and colorant can be evenly distributed on the material. After waiting for a while, like 1 to 3 minutes, and confirming that the material is completely dyed, we can start the process of making products with colored materials.

Whala! Here is the result.

After stirring the material

▲ After stirring the material

▶ Here we are!

When the dyeing step is completed, we will collect all of them and start the product production.

collect the material

▲ Collect the material


And what's next?

After finished the dying process, we can start the colored product production.
To learn more, kindly refer to this article: What is Plastic Injection Mold? - A Glimpse into our working process

▶ Conclusion

Compared with black color, colorful colors can make the product feel more vibrant! When the product matches your brand color, making itself more visually unified and comfortable, and also make the product presentation more unique.

The Customize Products are warmly welcomed!

▲ Colored Products

We hope that this information can help you understand our manufacture process better!
Please feel free to contact us if you have product development needs or have any questions about plastic injection, we will be happy to assist you.

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