Kayak Handles


Our Kayak Handles, besides being suitable for kayaking activities, can also be used for backpacks, suitcases, and more. There are primarily two types of handles: one is a Plastic Webbing Handle with an inner core, and the other is the Toggle handle commonly used for kayaks.

Regarding the Plastic Webbing Handle, the materials for the inner core and outer covering can be PVC and TPR. The primary difference between the two is that TPR is an eco-friendly, non-toxic material. TPR handles have a matte finish and provide an anti-slip effect, making them an excellent choice for various applications. On the other hand, PVC handles have a smooth surface texture.
Toggle handles are made with a tube and bungee cord, typically used for kayaks. We offer toggle handles made of PP and TPR+PP combinations. The difference between them lies in the feel of the grip; the TPR material provides a more slip-resistant and solid grip.

All our handles can be customized in length to meet the various needs of your products.