Clam Cleat

KB10L & KB10R

DescriptionKayak Clam Cleat
SizeL: 69.6mm W: 20.8mm H: 12.9mm

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    Product details

    KB10 Clam Cleat, also named as Fine Line Cleat, is used to secure fishing lines, anchor ropes or other small cords.

    Made from black nylon plastic, making Clam Cleat lightweight, durable, and anti-rust, anti-corrosion in tough weather conditions. 

    The Cleat is 69.94mm long by 21.05mm wide, and rope up to 4mm. We offer versions for both left and right use, kindly choose the right deck fitting that suits the direction you need. You can use #10-32 Pan Head Machine Screw to secure the Cleat(screw length depends on material or nut-sert).
    *Instructions and mounting hardware are not included.

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    Product No. L(mm)W(mm)H(mm)Hole Spacing(mm) Hole Dia.(mm)
    KB10L/KB10R69.9421.0510.6949.06 4.89

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