Round Rigging Ring


DescriptionRound Rigging Ring
Size Thickness: 3/8in 
ID: 2in OD: 2-3/4in

    This combination does not exist.

    Product details

    KB19 is a Round Rigging Ring designed to securely anchor ropes, lines, and cords on boats, kayaks, and other watercraft. The ring is made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting use in harsh marine environments. The smooth, polished surface of the ring allows for easy and smooth movement of ropes and lines, while the sturdy construction ensures reliable and secure anchoring. The ring is easy to install and can be used in a variety of applications, making it a versatile and essential addition to any watercraft.

    With its high-quality construction and dependable performance, KB19 Round Rigging Ring is a reliable and essential tool for boaters and watercraft enthusiasts. Whether you're rigging up your kayak for a day on the water, anchoring your boat, or securing lines on your sailboat, this rigging ring provides a sturdy and reliable anchor point. Its sleek and simple design ensures that it won't snag on lines or gear, making it a hassle-free addition to any watercraft. With KB19 Round Rigging Ring, you can trust that your lines and ropes will stay securely in place, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your time on the water.

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