Extreme Comfort Handle (Overmolding and Drill)



Description All-round Extreme Comfort Webbing Handle (Overmolding and Drill)
Material Handle: TPR
Webbing: PP
Cap: PP
SizeHandle length: 5.55"
Handle width min: 1.12"
Handle thickness max: 0.8"
Webbing: Custom Size

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    Product details

    The F328 plastic handle is the softest in our Kayak Handles category. It not only provides you with the most comfortable, safe and non-slip gripping experience, but also reduces hand fatigue during transporting them.
    This handle is made of Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR), which not only has a unique shape, but also provides a completely different touch from traditional handles. The Kayak Handle is the same on both sides, with no real distinction between the front and back.
    Not only able to fit on backpacks, bags and suitcases, but also outdoor gear, such as kayak, paddleboard, providing you a reliable, durable and comfortable option for your handling needs.

    We provide a perfect solution for handling requirements. You can customize the webbing length, post-process the strap end, such as with or without the caps and grommets, overmolding and drilling or not, and also fold the end to strengthen the handle.

    F328-1A Plastic Handle has overmolding and drill webbing end, which is having two screw holes on each side. And you can use Self Tapping Screws or Rivets to fix the handle on your products.
    The Plastic Grip handle can be added to the front, rear or sides of your kayak for handling more easily.

    The outer covering plastic part is around 139.7mm(5.5 inch), the width is around 28.4mm(1.12 inch).
    *Instructions and mounting hardware are not included.

    Customizable Parts:

    • Length: Total minimum length is around 282mm(11.125inch)
    • Colors

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    • Rubber material:  TPR
    • Webbing material: Polypropylene
    • Cap: PP
    Product No.
    Handle Length Width min
    Thickness max Holes
    End finals
    5.55 inch
    1.12 inch
    0.8 inch Y PP End Caps

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