Hull Drain Plug


DescriptionKayak hull drin plug

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    Product details

    KB1-4 Hull Drain Plug is designed for preventing water from entering your kayaks and boats. The size of this drain plug is 3/4 inches, kindly choose the right one that suits you according to the size you need for kayaks, boats or any of your products.

    Compared with other series of Drain Plugs, this KB1-4 Hull Drain Plug has a special design. Controlling the opening and closing of the rubber bottom by operating the tapered top. If you snap down the conical top, a waterproof seal can be created to keep water out of your kayak; conversely, pulling the tapered top back releases the rubber bottom, allowing water to drain out of your kayak without having to completely remove the drain plug, which is very convenient.

    *Instructions and mounting hardware are not included.

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