Outdoor Webbing Handle (with Cap)



Description Outdoor Webbing Handle (with Cap)
Material Handle: PVC or TPR
Webbing: PP
Cap: PP
SizeHandle length: 4.9"
Handle diameter: 1"
Webbing: Custom Size

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    Product details

    The B1107 series handles are suitable for a wide range of applications, including backpacks, bags, luggage, suitcases, outdoor equipment, and it also be used as an Overhead Handle in a car, or is called a Ceiling Handle. 
    This handle is located above the seat in the car to provide support and balance for passengers when entering and exiting the vehicle, turning during driving, or when driving is unstable.

    You can customize the webbing length, post-process the strap end, such as with or without the caps and grommets, overmolding and drilling or not, and also fold the end to strengthen the handle.
    The material of the handle mostly be PVC, TPR  or any other material you prefer, depends on your requirements and costs.

    B1107A Plastic Handle doesn't have any post-process end, but includes the Caps, it will serve the purpose of a washer. And you can use Self Tapping Screws or Rivets to fix the handle on your products. 
    It has only one mounting  hole on the cap, which diameter is around 5.4 mm.

    The outer covering plastic part is around 124.5mm(4.9 inch), the diameter is around 25.4mm(1 inch).
    *Instructions and mounting hardware are not included.

    Customizable Parts:

    • Material:  PVC, TPR  or any other material you prefer, depends on your requirements and costs.
    • Length: Total minimum around 282mm(11.125inch)
    • Handle Hardness
    • Colors

    Other B1107 Series Products: 


    • Rubber material: PVC, TPR
    • Webbing material: PP
    • Cap: PP
    Product No.
    Total Length(in) Handle length
    Handle diameter Holes
    End finals
    Custom Size

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