Paddle Drip Ring


DescriptionKayak paddle drip ring
SizeID: 26mm OD: 56.5mm

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    Product details

    KB4 Paddle Drip Ring prevents water from dripping down to your hands and also prevents your hands from slipping while you are kayaking. You can put the Drip Ring where it’s comfortably and naturally when you hold your paddle, and when you are paddling, that part never goes in the water, and your hands will not get wet while sliding.
    It is recommended to put the Drip Ring about 6-8 inches far from the shaft meets the blade.

    Made from TPR plastic, ensuring long-lasting durability.  2-1/4 inches out-side diameter, and 1-1/8 inches inside diameter.
    Kindly confirm the drip ring that suits the size you need for your paddle.

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    Product No. Outer Dia.(mm)Inner Dia.(mm) T(mm)
    KB4 56.8026.72 11.88

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