Round Rigging Ring with Bungee and Hooks


Description Round Rigging Ring with Bungee and Hooks
Material Ring: Nylon  Hooks: POM
SizeRing: 3/8in, 2in
Bungee length: custom size

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    Product details

    KE9 Round Rigging Ring with Bungee and Hooks is composed of KB19 Round Rigging Ring, BP-121B-1 Tab Bungee Hook and 1/4 inch (6mm) KF1-5 Bungee Rope.
    The product is mainly used to secure goods and equipment during transportation. The round ring can withstand heavy loads, the hooks at both ends connect the anchor points, and the bungee cord provides an adjustable fixing function, allowing you to secure the cargo in the trunk or on the roof rack to ensure that your items are secure, providing you with maximum safety and stability.

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