Two Pole Deck Mount Rod Storage Rack

KA5-2A & KA5-2B

DescriptionTwo Pole Deck Mount Rod Storage Rack
SizeW: 270mm H:297mm

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    Product details

    Deck Mount Rod Storage Rack provides additional storage space at specific locations on the kayak/boat, where you have places for your filet knife, bait knife, pliers. You can also hang your lures or hooks off of it and you won’t have to worry about stepping on a hook or a knife flying out while you are running around, everything can be placed nice and easy.

    Made from PP plastic, ensuring long-lasting durability. The main difference between the KA5-2A & KA5-2B is the design of the rack, KA5-2B has specific holes for lures and pliers but KA5-2A hasn't. The only slot of KA5-2A can hold knives or pliers.

    Compare to KA5-2B, KA5-2A is older and less commonly used. Please find other details below:

    Product No. Assembly Parts Rack Design
    • Lure hanging holes: None
    • Knife/ Pliers storage slots: 1
    • Lure hanging holes: 6
    • Knife storage slots: 2
    • Pliers slots: 2

    *Please note that the Rod Storage Rack isn’t one piece design and assembly is required.

    You can use M5 or #12 Screw to secure the Rod Storage Rack in place(screw length depends on kayak material or nut-sert).
    *Instructions and mounting hardware are not included.

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    Parts of Rod Storage Rack:


    Product No. L(mm)W(mm)H(mm)Screw Hole Spacing(mm) Screw Hole(mm)

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