Side Mount Carry Handle (Half-Fold Seam and Drill, with Bungee Cords)

BP- B1101-4

Description Kayak Side Mount Carry Handles (Half-Fold Seam and Drill, with Bungee Cords)
Material Handle: PVC/TPR
Webbing: PP
SizeHandle length: 5"
Handle diameter: 0.96"
Bungee Cord Dia.: 4mm
Webbing: Custom Size

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    Product details

    B1101 Series Side Mount Carry Handle, as known as kayak handle, a replacement handle for carrying your kayak, is the most common handle style for Kayak. B1101 Series Plastic Grip Handle features high quality, durable, ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Not only designed for kayaks and canoes but can also be used for backpacks, bags, luggage, suitcases, outdoor equipment, and any other potential usage. 
    We provide a perfect solution for handling requirements. You can customize the webbing length, post-process the strap end, such as with or without the caps and grommets, overmolding and drilling or not, and also fold the end to strengthen the handle.

    B1101-4 Plastic Handle has half-folded, drilling hole end, and connected with 4mm bungee cord. The paddle rest enables you to keep your paddles accessible without the need to hold them, providing convenience and ease of navigation while kayaking.
    For fixing the handle on your products, you can use Self Tapping Screws or Rivets to reach your desired goal.

    The outer covering plastic part is around 127mm(5 inch), the diameter is around 25mm(0.96 inch).
    *Instructions and mounting hardware are not included.

    Customizable Parts:

    • Material:  PVC, TPR  or any other material you prefer, depends on your requirements and costs.
    • Length: Total minimum length is around 282mm(11.125inch)
    • Folded End: Half, twice or three.
    • Bungee Cords Diameter: 4mm-6mm
    • Handle Hardness
    • Colors

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    Product No.
    Material Handle Size
    Webbing Size
    End finals
    Handle: PVC/TPR, Webbing: PP
    Length 5", DIA. 0.96" Custom
    Half-Fold Seam and Drill, with Bungee Cords

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